We offer a full line of your favorite new, after-market wheels.
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We can also get the tires you will want for those new wheels.  
Aluminum Wheel Repair & Refurbishing
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about your repair and refurbishing options.
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Wheel Repair Pricing!

Straighten Aluminum Wheel:                                         $75-$180

Straighten Steel Wheel:                                                     $5

Straighten and Refinish Aluminum Wheel:              $125-$190

Weld Aluminum Wheel:                                                   $75-$150

Straighten and Weld Aluminum Wheel                                         

Polish and Clear Coat Aluminum Wheel:                 $100-$250

Paint and Clear Coat Aluminum Wheel:                      $95-$180

Repair and Refinish Anodized BMW,                                             
Audi, or Porsche Wheel:                                               $225-$300

Repair Lug Hole/ Redrill Bolt Pattern:                          $75-$100

Dismount and Dispose of Tire:                                          $5-$20

Mount and Balance Wheel and Tire:                                       $1
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Aluminum Wheel Repair